Best Essential Oils For Facial Steamer

Best Essential Oils For Facial Steamer-Vivorific Health Llc

Are you searching for a natural and effective way to rejuvenate your skin? Essential oils have been used throughout history for their numerous skincare benefits. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 essential oils you can use in a facial steamer, providing enriching steam sessions that go beyond just relaxation.

Ready to transform your skincare routine? Let's get glowing!

Key Takeaways

  • Facial steaming with essential oils can unclog pores, improve blood circulation, and provide natural moisturization for healthier-looking skin.
  • Top essential oils for facial steaming include lavender oil, tea tree oil, chamomile essential oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary essential oil, orange essential oil, lemongrass oil, geranium essential oil, frankincense essential oil ,and carrot seed oil.
  • Lavender oil soothes irritated skin and improves blood circulation; tea tree oil cleanses and heals the skin; chamomile essential helps to soften and smoothen the skin while promoting mental well-being; eucalyptus offers purifying and cleansing properties while providing a refreshing experience; rosemary cleanses the pores and prevents excess oily skin. Orange lifts your mood while rejuvenating the skin; lemongrass maintains a healthy complexion and aids in stress relief. Geranium tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles; frankincense reduces redness and promotes relaxation. Carrot seed unclogs pores and provides natural moisture.
  • Incorporating these top - quality organic essential oils into your facial steamer routine can greatly enhance your skincare regimen for glowing results.

Benefits of Facial Steaming with Essential Oils

Facial steaming with essential oils unclogs pores, improves blood circulation, and provides natural moisturization for healthier-looking skin.

Unclogs pores

Facial steaming with essential oils is a potent tool for unclogging pores. Steam softens the skin surface, making it easier to remove dirt and impurities lodged deep within your pores.

Essential oils such as Tea Tree oil offer a dual advantage by loosening grime while also boasting antimicrobial properties that clear out bacteria contributing to acne and inflammation.

As steam opens up the pores, these beneficial oils penetrate deeper into facial tissues, enhancing their efficacy. The result is clearer, smoother skin free of blackheads or other blemishes caused by blocked pores.

Improves blood circulation

Steaming your face with essential oils is a natural way to deliver the benefits of these potent extracts directly into your skin. The heat from steaming increases blood flow, carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the facial muscles and skin layers.

This promotes healthy cell functions, boosting collagen and elastin production for improved elasticity.

Incorporating essential oils like lavender or tea tree oil enhances this process by stimulating circulation further. Essential oil blends can offer unique therapeutic effects varying from soothing inflammation to combating acne-causing bacteria, adding another dimension of skincare benefits to your steam facial regimen.

Careful selection of quality essential oils ensures you reap maximum advantages while enjoying aromatic sensations during the process - a true delight for any aromatherapy enthusiast!

Provides natural moisturization

Face steaming with essential oils unclogs your pores and naturally moisturizes and nourishes your skin. The steam opens up the skin's surface, allowing it to absorb the natural oils better.

Moreover, this process increases the production of your own natural oils, creating a healthy glow and preventing dryness on the face. Lavender essential oil is an excellent choice as it balances sebum production while providing calming benefits for the skin.

This deeply moisturizing effect is one of many reasons why aromatherapy enthusiasts are attracted to facial steaming with essential oils like lavender or geranium essential oil; Adding them in a facial steamer enhances this invigorating experience further.

So next time you plan a DIY facial steaming at home remember to incorporate top-notch quality organic essential oils for that extra moisture punch!

Best Essential Oils For Facial Steamer -Vivorific Health Llc

Top 10 Essential Oils for Facial Steaming

The top 10 essential oils for facial steaming include lavender oil, tea tree oilchamomile essential oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary essential oilorange essential oillemongrass oilgeranium essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and carrot seed oil.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil, a beloved essential oil in the world of skincare and aromatherapy, makes it to the top 10 list of essential oils for facial steaming. Known for its relaxing properties, lavender oil soothes your senses and provides numerous benefits for your skin.

It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help calm irritated skin and reduce redness. Additionally, lavender oil improves blood circulation, contributing to healthier and radiant-looking skin.

Suitable for all skin types, this versatile essential oil helps hydrate and moisturize your skin naturally. With its cell-regenerating properties, lavender oil aids in detoxifying your pores and promotes a clearer complexion.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, known for its deep cleansing properties, is popular among aromatherapy enthusiasts for facial steaming. This powerful essential oil possesses both cleaning and healing capabilities, making it an ideal option for those looking to purify their skin.

With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, tea tree oil effectively eliminates bacteria while promoting healing and relaxation. Additionally, this oil can enhance immune function and rejuvenate the skin.

When combined with other essential oils like frankincense, geranium, lavender, ylang-ylang, chamomile, lemon, or cypress in facial steams, tea tree oil proves particularly beneficial for treating oily skin.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil is a powerhouse when it comes to soothing and rejuvenating the skin. Known for its calming properties, chamomile oil has been used in skincare for centuries.

It is suitable for all skin types and can help soften and smoothen the skin, making it an excellent addition to your facial steaming routine. Not only does chamomile oil benefit the skin, but it also has remarkable effects on mental well-being.

Roman Chamomile essential oil has been proven to fight anxiety and depression, making it a perfect choice for those looking to relax during their facial steam sessions. Additionally, chamomile oil is a natural allergy reliever and can aid digestion issues.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is a powerhouse essential oil that has been widely associated with facial steaming. Known for its purifying, cleansing, and clarifying properties, eucalyptus oil is considered one of the top 10 essential oils for facial steaming.

Suitable for all skin types, this versatile oil has a long history of medicinal use when it comes to steam treatments. With its soothing and stimulating properties and antibacterial benefits, eucalyptus oil can provide deep breaths and cleanse the skin during a facial steam session.

It also offers strong antiseptic and decongestant properties, making it ideal for clearing congestion in your pores. If you're using a facial steamer with an essential oil compartment, be sure to add some eucalyptus oil for added benefits.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is a powerhouse when it comes to facial steaming. Not only does it help cleanse the skin and provide antiseptic benefits, but it also has analgesic properties that can prevent excess oil on the skin.

This versatile oil is known for its ability to promote hair growth, improve concentration, soothe digestive issues, and even comfort aching muscles. When added to your facial steaming routine, rosemary essential oil penetrates deep into the pores for a thorough clean while reducing inflammation and creating a radiant glow.

Experience the numerous benefits of this incredible oil by adding a few drops to your next facial steam session.

Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is a popular choice among aromatherapy enthusiasts for facial steaming. Its refreshing and uplifting properties can help lift your mood and reduce stress during the steaming process.

This versatile oil also offers numerous benefits for the skin, making it suitable for dry and sensitive skin types. When used in facial steaming, orange essential oil helps to soften and smoothen the skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

Add a few drops of orange essential oil to your facial steamer to enjoy its delightful citrusy aroma while reaping its skincare benefits.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is a must-have when it comes to facial steaming with essential oils. It provides numerous benefits for the skin, and its invigorating scent also enhances the aromatherapy experience.

Lemongrass oil is perfect for all skin types, from dry to oily, and helps maintain a healthy complexion. It has antimicrobial properties that can aid in treating various skin conditions, making it ideal for those with blemish-prone skin.

Additionally, lemongrass oil offers mental clarity and immunity-boosting properties, relieving stress and promoting relaxation during your steam session. Remember always to dilute lemongrass oil before use and never apply it directly to the skin.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is a versatile and highly beneficial oil to include in your facial steaming routine. Its antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and astringent properties can effectively target various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and more.

This floral-scented oil promotes healthy hair and helps reduce inflammation and soothe skin irritations. Geranium oil is suitable for all skin types and blends well with other essential oils like lavender or chamomile.

Incorporating geranium essential oil into your facial steaming session can help tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and balance hormones for women's health concerns like PMS or menopause through aromatherapy steam facials.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is considered one of the top 10 essential oils for facial steaming. It has a wide range of benefits, including its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce redness and irritation on the skin.

Studies also indicate that frankincense essential oil can relieve stress, reduce pain, and boost immunity. This versatile oil not only promotes relaxation but also helps to improve mood and sleep quality.

When used in facial steaming, frankincense essential oil can be particularly beneficial for those with sensitive or damaged skin due to its soothing and healing properties. Incorporating this powerful oil into your skincare routine may help enhance your complexion's overall health and appearance.

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is a powerful essential oil that deserves a spot among the top 10 oils for facial steaming. Not only does it possess health-related characteristics that promote skin health, but it also has the ability to unclog pores and provide natural moisturization.

What makes carrot seed oil truly unique is its versatility in blending well with other oils, making it an excellent choice for aromatherapy blends as well.

This essential oil boasts anti-inflammatory properties and is known for its soothing effects on both the skin and scalp. Beyond skincare benefits, carrot seed oil stimulates circulation, brain function, and nerve function when used in aromatherapy applications.

It possesses antiseptic, disinfectant, detoxifying, and antioxidant properties too. Incorporating carrot seed oil into your facial steaming routine can encourage healthy and radiant-looking skin while relaxing nervous tension at the same time.

Best Essential Oils For Facial Steamer- Vivorific Health Llc

How to Perform Facial Steaming

You can use a bowl of hot water, a facial steamer, or a warm towel to perform facial steaming.

Using a bowl of hot water

To perform facial steaming using a bowl of hot water, start by heating water in a pot until it reaches a steamy temperature. Then, carefully pour the hot water into a heat-resistant bowl.

Next, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the hot water and stir it gently to disperse the aroma. Position your face over the bowl, making sure to keep a safe distance from the steam to avoid burning yourself.

Drape a towel over your head and the bowl to trap in the steam and create a makeshift sauna effect for your face. Close your eyes and relax as you enjoy the soothing warmth and aromatic benefits of the essential oils infused in the steam.

Using a facial steamer

Facial steaming with a facial steamer is an effective way to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. The steam from the facial steamer helps to open up your pores, allowing for better absorption of essential oils and other skincare products.

It also promotes increased blood circulation, which can give your skin a healthy glow. When using a facial steamer, choosing the right essential oils suitable for your skin type and concerns is important.

Some popular choices include chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, and rosemary essential oils. Simply add a few drops of your chosen oil into the water tank of the facial steamer and let the steam work its magic on your skin.

Using a warm towel

To perform facial steaming with a warm towel, begin by soaking a clean towel in hot water. Make sure the temperature is comfortable for your skin and wring out any excess water. Next, fold the towel into a square or rectangle shape and gently press it onto your face.

Allow the warmth of the towel to open up your pores and soften any impurities or debris on your skin's surface.

This method of facial steaming offers a more gentle approach compared to using hot water directly on your face. The warm towel helps to create a steamy environment that allows for deep cleansing and relaxation.

It can also improve blood circulation, making it easier for nutrients from essential oils to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin.

As you enjoy this soothing experience, breathe deeply and relax for a few moments. Once you're done steaming with the warm towel, proceed with your skincare routine as normal, such as applying toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil has several health benefits including: supporting the immune system, alleviating stress and reducing insomnia.

Vivorific’s peppermint essential oil is: 100% Pure and natural, free from fillers, additives and harmful chemicals, vegan and kosher certified and sealed with tamper evident closure and Euro style dropper cap. 

DIY Recipes for Facial Steaming with Essential Oils

Discover these simple DIY recipes to enhance your facial steaming experience with the power of essential oils.

Recipe for clear and healthy skin

One of the best recipes for achieving clear and healthy skin through face steaming is a combination of lavender essential oil and lavender buds. Lavender essential oil has soothing properties and acts as an effective antibacterial agent, making it perfect for treating acne-prone skin.

To create this recipe, simply add a few drops of lavender essential oil and a handful of dried lavender buds to your facial steamer or bowl of hot water. The steam will carry lavender's calming aroma and therapeutic benefits, helping to cleanse your pores, reduce inflammation, and promote overall skin clarity.

This gentle yet highly effective recipe revitalizes your complexion, leaving you with fresh and radiant-looking skin.

Recipe for glowing skin

Incorporating essential oils into your facial steaming routine can provide wonderful benefits for those looking to achieve a radiant and glowing complexion. One recipe for glowing skin involves using a combination of rosemary, lemon peel, basil, lavender, green tea, thyme, and optional tea tree oil.

Rosemary is known for its antioxidant properties that help rejuvenate the skin, while lemon peel brightens and improves clarity. Basil has antibacterial qualities that cleanse the pores, and lavender soothes and calms the skin.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that combat signs of aging, while thyme helps to purify the skin. Adding a few drops of optional tea tree oil can further assist in clearing congested pores for a luminous complexion.

Recipe to calm your skin

One of the key benefits of facial steaming with essential oils is its ability to soothe and calm the skin. If you're looking for a recipe that can help relax your skin, try combining a few drops of lavender essential oil with chamomile essential oil.

Lavender is known for its calming properties and can help reduce redness and inflammation, while chamomile has anti-inflammatory effects and can promote skin healing. Simply add these essential oils to your facial steamer or a warm bowl of water and let the steam work its magic on your skin.

This recipe is perfect for those with sensitive or irritated skin, as it can provide much-needed relief in a natural way.

Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe For Dogsvivorific Health


Incorporating essential oils into your facial steaming routine can greatly enhance the benefits for your skin. From unclogging pores to improving blood circulation, these natural oils provide a range of advantages.

Whether you choose lavender oil for relaxation or tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties, there are numerous options to suit your needs. So grab your facial steamer and start enjoying the beautiful benefits essential oils offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of steaming your face with a face steamer?

A: Steaming your face has numerous benefits for your skin. It helps to open up your pores, allowing for deep cleansing. It also improves blood circulation, promoting a healthier complexion. Additionally, steaming your face can help to relax and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed.

Q: How do I steam my face with essential oils?

A: To steam your face with essential oils, start by boiling water and pouring it into a bowl. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to the water. Place your face over the bowl, creating a tent with a towel to trap the steam. Close your eyes and relax while the steam and essential oils work their magic on your skin.

Q: What are the best essential oils for face steaming?

A: There are several essential oils that are beneficial for face steaming. Some of the best options include tea tree oil, lavender oil, geranium oil, peppermint essential oil, and rosemary oil. These oils have various properties that can improve the condition of your skin, depending on your specific concerns.

Q: Can I use essential oils directly on my face?

A: It is not recommended to use essential oils directly on your face without diluting them first. Essential oils are highly concentrated and may cause irritation or allergic reactions when applied directly to the skin. It is best to mix a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil before applying it to your face.

Q: How often should I steam my face with essential oils?

A: The frequency of face steaming with essential oils depends on your skin type and personal preference. For most people, steaming once or twice a week is sufficient. However, if you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may benefit from steaming more frequently, while those with dry or sensitive skin may need to steam less often.

Q: What are carrier oils and why are they used with essential oils?

A: Carrier oils are vegetable oils that are used to dilute essential oils. They are called "carrier" oils because they "carry" the essential oils onto the skin. Carrier oils help reduce essential oils' concentration and prevent skin irritation. Common carrier oils include jojoba oil, almond oil, and coconut oil.

Q: Can I add essential oils to my facial cleanser or moisturizer?

A: Yes, you can add a few drops of essential oil to your facial cleanser or moisturizer. However, it is important to do a patch test first to ensure that your skin does not react negatively to the essential oil. Start with a small amount and gradually increase the concentration if your skin tolerates it well.

Q: Are tea tree essential oil and tea tree oil the same?

A: Yes, tea tree essential oil and tea tree oil refer to the same product. Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree plant and is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is commonly used in skincare products due to its ability to treat acne and other skin conditions.

Q: Can essential oils help with acne?

A: Yes, essential oils can be beneficial for acne-prone skin. Tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil are especially known for their acne-fighting properties. These oils have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, which can help to reduce inflammation and kill acne-causing bacteria.

Q: Can I create my own essential oil blend for face steaming?

A: Yes, you can create your own essential oil blend for face steaming. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your skin. Some popular blends include lavender and chamomile for relaxation, tea tree and eucalyptus for acne, and rosemary and peppermint for a refreshing experience.


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