6 Best Essential Oils for Boils and How to Use Them

6 best essential oils for boils and how to use them-vivorific health

Boils are a type of skin abscess, a relatively common skin condition in which a hair follicle becomes infected and inflamed, resulting in a painful pus-filled bump beneath the skin. There are several different types of boils. A boil is also called a furuncle. A cluster of boils is called a carbuncle. Other types of […]

8 Best Essential Oils for Chapped Lips

8 Best Essential Oils for Chapped Lips-Vivorific Health

Chapped lips are a common occurrence among many people, especially during the colder months of the year, but that doesn’t make them any less of a nuisance. Chapped lips are not only unsightly; they are uncomfortable and disruptive, making every day acts such as eating, drinking, and even smiling downright painful. Everyone deserves to smile […]

6 Amazing Essential Oils for Lichen Sclerosus and How to Use Them

Essential Oils for Lichen Sclerosus-Vivorific Health

This article is your go-to guide on understanding what lichen sclerosus is, what causes lichen sclerosus, what treatments are available for lichen sclerosus, and, of course, all about essential oils for lichen sclerosus treatment. More specifically, we’ll go over why essential oils are effective in the treatment of lichen sclerosus, which essential oils are the best […]

8 Best Essential Oils for Bed Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

8 Best Essential Oils for Bed Bugs-Vivorific Health LLC

Bed bugs are a nightmare; once you get them, it’s more difficult to get rid of them than almost any other pest. They’re tough to kill, they breed quickly, and their eggs can lie dormant for years before hatching. Adults can live for up to a year without feeding, too. Often, people resort to fumigating their […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil and How to Use It

10 Amazing Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil-Vivorific Health

When you hear the word “frankincense,” your probably think of something exotic and festive. For many of us, this is probably due to frankincense’s longtime association with Christmas. And, to be fair, there’s good reason for that. Frankincense has a long and storied history of use in religious ceremonies in the Middle and Far East. It’s […]

Best Essential Oils for Cellulite

Best Essential Oils For Cellulite-Vivorific Health

All About Cellulite  Before we can understand essential oil treatments for cellulite, it is important to recognize what cellulite is. Lumpy skin around the thighs and hips, called cellulite, occurs when skin attached to deep connective tissue is pulled down.  When there is fat beneath the skin, this creates an uneven texture on the surface […]

What essential oils are good for killing mold In The Household?

What Essential Oils Are Good For Killing Mold-Vivorific Health

A lot of people believe that mold can only grow in a humid environment, but that’s not the case. Whether it is a cold, damp winter or a warm, humid summer, activities at home can result in moisture indoors and the appearance of mold.In fact, it can grow on walls, clothes, books, toys, and even […]

6 Amazing Essential Oils for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to Try Right Now

6 Amazing Essential Oils for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to Try Right Now-Vivorific Health

Essential oils can be used in conjunction with other treatments to address the pain and inflammation associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. But what exactly is carpal tunnel? How do essential oils help treat carpal tunnel syndrome? And how do you pick and use the proper essential oils effectively? In this post we will address all […]