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Is lifeless hair or an itchy scalp dimming your shine? Discover the transformative power of frankincense oil for hair! This age-old elixir is not just a relic of the past but a modern-day solution for radiant tresses. Dive into this article to unveil how frankincense oil revitalizes from root to tip, promoting enviable hair growth and vibrancy. 

Are you prepared to reveal the magic? Let's journey to the heart of lustrous, vibrant locks with frankincense oil!

Key Takeaways

  • Frankincense oil nourishes and hydrates the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that protect the hair and scalp from damage.
  • The use of frankincense oil improves blood circulation to the scalp, strengthening hair roots and encouraging healthier strands.

What is Frankincense Oil, and how is it Extracted?

Frankincense oil originates from the resin of the Frankincense tree, native to certain parts of Africa and the Middle East. These formidable trees are known for their ability to withstand harsh climates, adding much vigor and strength to the oil they produce.

The process by which frankincense essential oil is extracted starts with a method called scoring. This involves making careful cuts into the tree's bark, causing it to release its precious resin.

After this initial extraction phase, professionals collect these yellow droplets and allow them to harden into what's sometimes referred to as frankincense tears. As these 'tears' solidify in sunlight, they develop a rich amber color with an intensifying aroma that has been cherished for centuries - even utilized in royal burial rituals due to its unique fragrance.

To convert this hardened resin into a holistic marvel used today - frankincense essential oil - experts subject it further through steam distillation or cold pressing methods.

These stringent processes ensure pureness within every drop of this aromatic elixir while preserving its numerous health benefits, including promoting hair growth and revitalizing scalp health, making it highly sought after around the globe for skin and hair care needs.

Benefits of Frankincense Oil for Hair Health

Frankincense oil offers numerous benefits for hair health, including nourishing and hydrating the scalp, improving blood circulation, balancing sebum production, preventing hair loss, strengthening hair roots, and promoting increased hair growth.

Scalp nourishment and hydration

Frankincense oil for hair not only supports growth but also intensively nourishes and hydrates your scalp. The potent properties of frankincense essential oil benefit the skin on your head by maintaining its vitality and hydration levels.

It acts as a natural moisturizer, quenching the dryness of your scalp without causing an excess oil accumulation.

The use of this rejuvenating oil promotes healthy hair starts from the root, thanks to its deep penetration into hair follicles. This effective absorption prevents dryness, flakiness, and dandruff associated with dehydrated scalps.

Regular massages using a blend of frankincense essential oil and a carrier oil like jojoba or almond create optimal conditions for lush, healthy hair growth while keeping your scalp well-hydrated and nourished.

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

Frankincense oil boasts powerful anti-inflammatory properties, preventing the release of compounds that cause inflammation. In addition to this, it wields potent antioxidant effects.

These antioxidants protect both hair and scalp from the damaging impact of free radicals garnered from environmental toxins and daily stressors. Utilizing frankincense essential oil for hair care safeguards your locks against such harm, ensuring a healthy scalp environment conducive to optimum hair growth.

Improved blood circulation

Frankincense oil offers a number of benefits for hair health, including improved blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. This increase in blood flow stimulates hair growth and nourishes the hair roots, promoting healthier and stronger strands.

The healing properties of frankincense oil, specifically its pentacyclic triterpenes content, contribute to this improved circulation. By incorporating frankincense oil into your hair care routine, you can support optimal blood flow to your scalp, leading to healthier and more vibrant hair.

Balancing sebum production

Frankincense essential oil is known for its ability to balance sebum production on the scalp. Sebum is the oily substance produced by our skin's sebaceous glands, and when these glands produce too much sebum, it can lead to an oily scalp and hair.

By regulating sebum production, frankincense oil helps to maintain a healthy scalp environment and prevent excess oil accumulation. This can potentially reduce issues like greasy hair and clogged hair follicles, which are often associated with hair loss.

So if you're looking for a natural way to balance your scalp's oil production, consider incorporating frankincense oil into your hair care routine.

Stress relief and hair loss prevention

Frankincense essential oil is not only beneficial for promoting hair growth, but it can also help relieve stress and prevent hair loss. The oil has stress-relieving properties that can help reduce hair loss caused by stress.

Additionally, researchers believe that frankincense can prevent the release of leukotrienes, which may contribute to hair loss. By incorporating frankincense oil into your hair care routine, you not only promote healthy hair growth but also provide relief from everyday stressors that can impact your locks.

So, take a moment to indulge in the calming scent of frankincense while giving your scalp the nourishment it needs for vibrant and luscious hair.

Strengthening hair roots

Frankincense essential oil is known for strengthening hair roots and promoting healthy hair growth. By stimulating blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, this powerful oil nourishes the hair from within, reducing breakage and enhancing overall strength.

Regularly massaging your scalp with frankincense oil can help balance and nourish the skin on your head, creating a strong foundation for your hair to grow. With its anti-inflammatory properties, frankincense oil may also protect the hair follicles from damage caused by inflammation, further promoting healthy growth.

Combined with other beneficial oils like jojoba oil, frankincense oil offers a natural solution to strengthen and revitalize your hair roots.

Increased hair growth

Frankincense oil has been shown to promote increased hair growth. This essential oil helps improve blood circulation to the scalp, stimulating hair follicles and encouraging new hair growth.

Additionally, frankincense oil can soothe and nourish the hair follicles, providing a healthy environment for hair to grow. By regulating sebum production, it also prevents clogged follicles that can inhibit growth.

Incorporating frankincense oil into your hair care routine can help you achieve longer and fuller locks naturally.

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How to Use Frankincense Oil for Hair

To use frankincense oil for hair, you can create DIY hair masks by mixing a few drops of frankincense essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba oil. You can also add a few drops of the oil to your shampoo or conditioner, or massage it directly into your scalp as a nourishing treatment.

DIY hair mask recipes

Enhance your hair care routine with these simple and effective DIY hair mask recipes using frankincense essential oil:

  1. Moisturizing Mask: Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 5 drops of frankincense essential oil. Apply to damp hair, focusing on the ends. Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
  2. Strengthening Mask: Combine 1 mashed avocado, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and 5 drops of frankincense essential oil. Apply to clean, damp hair from roots to tips. Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing.
  3. Nourishing Mask: Blend together ½ cup of plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel, and 5 drops of frankincense essential oil. Apply to clean, dry hair and leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing well.
  4. Scalp Soothing Mask: Mix 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil with 5 drops each of frankincense essential oil and lavender essential oil. Massage into the scalp in gentle circular motions and let it sit for at least an hour before shampooing as usual.

Adding to shampoo or conditioner

Adding a few drops of Frankincense essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner can do wonders for your hair. Not only does it help reduce hair loss, split ends, thinning, and tangles, but it also adds shine and smoothness without leaving any sticky or greasy residue.

The natural emollient properties of Frankincense oil make your hair softer and enhance its shine and smoothness. So the next time you wash your hair, try adding a few drops of this amazing essential oil to your favorite shampoo or conditioner for healthier-looking locks.

Using as a scalp massage oil

Frankincense essential oil can be a wonderful addition to your hair care routine when used as a scalp massage oil. By gently massaging your scalp with a blend of Frankincense and Jojoba oil, you can nourish and balance the skin on your head, promoting healthier hair growth.

This is because Frankincense essential oil has been shown to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, reducing hair loss and encouraging new hair growth. To use it, simply add 4 drops of Frankincense essential oil to 1 tablespoon of Jojoba oil and massage it onto your scalp.

This will not only benefit your hair health but also provide you with a relaxing aromatherapy experience.

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Importance of Using Pure and Natural Essential Oils

Using pure and natural essential oils, such as frankincense oil, is vital for reaping their maximum benefits to promote hair health and overall well-being.

Synthetic oils vs natural oils

Choosing between synthetic oils and natural essential oils can be a challenging decision, especially when considering the impact on the hair's health. Both have their places in the cosmetics and personal care industry, but they differ significantly in properties, benefits, and impact on health and the environment.

Synthetic OilsNatural Essential Oils
CompositionManufactured using artificial chemicals.Derived from plants, pure and natural.
CostGenerally cheaper as they are easier to produce in large quantities.Usually more expensive due to the complex extraction process.
Health ImpactCan cause irritations and allergic reactions in some people due to the artificial chemicals.Known to have several health benefits, including improving skin and hair health.
FragranceFragrance is strong and long-lasting but artificial.Fragrance is naturally pleasing and therapeutic but may not last as long.
Environmental ImpactCan be harmful to the environment due to the synthetic manufacturing process.More environmentally friendly due to natural sourcing and biodegradability.

In conclusion, while synthetic oils may be cheaper and have stronger, lasting scents, natural essential oils like frankincense oil offer more health benefits, are better for the environment, and provide a natural, therapeutic aroma.

Benefits of using pure essential oils

Using pure essential oils, like frankincense oil, offers a number of benefits for aromatherapy enthusiasts. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Enhanced Aromatherapy Experience: Pure essential oils provide stronger and more potent aromas compared to synthetic oils, allowing for a more immersive and effective aromatherapy experience.
  2. Therapeutic Properties: Pure essential oils retain their natural healing properties, which can help promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve mood, and support overall well-being.
  3. Chemical-Free: Unlike synthetic oils, pure essential oils do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives, making them a safer and healthier choice for use in aromatherapy practices.
  4. High Quality: Pure essential oils are derived from natural sources and undergo rigorous extraction processes to ensure the highest quality and purity levels, resulting in a superior product.
  5. Versatility: Pure essential oils can be used in various ways like diffusing, applying topically (when properly diluted), or adding to bath products, providing versatility in how they can be incorporated into daily routines.
  6. Holistic Benefits: Pure essential oils have been used for centuries due to their holistic benefits on physical, emotional, and mental well-being. They can aid in reducing inflammation, improving sleep quality, boosting immunity, and supporting the body's natural healing processes.

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Lemon essential oil has several health benefits including: supporting the immune system, alleviating stress and reducing insomnia.

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Other Uses of Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil has various other uses beyond hair care, including aromatherapy, medicinal benefits, and perfumery.


Frankincense essential oil is not only beneficial for hair health, but it also has numerous uses in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy enthusiasts can harness the power of frankincense oil to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and alleviate pain.

This versatile oil can be used in diffusers or added to carrier oils for massage therapy. Its immune-boosting properties make it a popular choice for enhancing overall wellbeing. Whether you're looking to strengthen your respiratory system or find relief from everyday ailments, frankincense essential oil offers a natural and effective way to support your health through the practice of aromatherapy.

Medicinal benefits

Frankincense oil offers a range of medicinal benefits that make it a valuable addition to any aromatherapy routine. This essential oil has antibacterial properties that can help prevent and treat oral infections.

It also boasts anti-inflammatory effects, making it useful for reducing inflammation in the body. Additionally, frankincense oil can promote healthy skin by reducing the appearance of scars and blemishes.

Its soothing properties can provide relief from conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Overall, incorporating frankincense oil into your aromatherapy practice can have numerous positive effects on your overall well-being.


Frankincense oil is not only renowned for its therapeutic properties, but also for its pleasant and captivating aroma. Due to its fragrance, it has found a place in the world of perfumery.

Combining frankincense oil with other oils can enhance its therapeutic benefits while creating beautiful scents in perfumes, colognes, and body sprays. The aromatic profile of frankincense oil is believed to increase intuition and spiritual connection, making it a popular choice among aromatherapy enthusiasts looking for fragrances that provide both physical and emotional benefits.

Its use in perfumery allows individuals to experience the enticing scent while enjoying the potential health-promoting effects of this versatile essential oil.

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Frankincense oil is a powerful natural remedy for hair health. Its ability to nourish and hydrate the scalp, improve blood circulation, and strengthen hair roots makes it an excellent choice for promoting healthy hair growth.

Incorporating frankincense oil into your hair care routine can result in stronger, shinier locks and reduce common issues like split ends and thinning hair. Take advantage of this versatile essential oil to achieve the vibrant, luscious hair you desire.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is frankincense essential oil?

A: Frankincense essential oil is derived from the resin of the Boswellia tree and has been used for centuries for its various health benefits. It has a woody, spicy aroma and is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Q: How can frankincense essential oil benefit the hair?

A: Frankincense essential oil may help promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and improving blood circulation to the scalp. It can also help nourish and strengthen the hair, making it less prone to breakage.

Q: Can frankincense essential oil be used for skin?

A: Yes, frankincense essential oil can be used for skin. It is often used in skincare products due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can help soothe and calm dry, damaged or irritated skin, and promote a healthier complexion.

Q: What are the ways to use frankincense essential oil for hair and skin?

A: There are several ways to use frankincense essential oil for hair and skin. It can be added to carrier oils, such as jojoba oil, and used as a scalp massage oil. It can also be added to DIY hair masks or skincare products, or simply diluted with a carrier oil and applied directly to the skin.

Q: Can frankincense essential oil help with hair loss?

A: While there is no guarantee, frankincense essential oil may help with hair loss by stimulating hair growth and improving the overall health of the scalp. It is important to note that individual results may vary.

Q: What are the benefits of frankincense essential oil for skin?

A: Frankincense essential oil has numerous benefits for the skin. It may help reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. It can also help improve the overall tone and texture of the skin, leaving it looking smoother and more radiant.

Q: How many drops of frankincense essential oil should I use?

A: The number of drops of frankincense essential oil to use depends on the specific purpose and the individual's sensitivity. It is generally recommended to start with a small amount, such as 1-2 drops, and adjust as needed.

Q: What are the best essential oils to blend with frankincense essential oil?

A: Frankincense essential oil blends well with a variety of other essential oils, including lavender, rosemary, tea tree oil, and citrus oils like lemon and grapefruit. Experiment with different combinations to find the scent and benefits that work best for you.

Q: What is the history of frankincense?

A: Frankincense has a long history dating back thousands of years. It has been used in ancient civilizations for religious ceremonies, as well as for medicinal and skincare purposes. Today, it is still highly valued for its aromatic and therapeutic properties.

Q: Are there any precautions or side effects of using frankincense essential oil?

A: While frankincense essential oil is generally safe for most people, it is always recommended to do a patch test before using it topically. Some individuals may be sensitive or allergic to the oil, so it is important to discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur. Additionally, pregnant or nursing women should consult with their healthcare provider before using essential oils.


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