What Essential Oils Blend Well With Lemongrass

What Essential Oils Blend Well With Lemongrass-Vivorific Health Llc

Do you ever feel like your home needs a fresh scent that lasts longer than just a few minutes? Or maybe you’re looking for natural ways to boost your mood or help with relaxation.

Lemongrass essential oil might be what you need. This oil is not just about its refreshing aroma; it plays well with others too.

Lemongrass essential oil complements many oils, making it versatile for blending. Whether it's for cleaning the air, enhancing your mood, or even adding to your beauty routine, this oil has got you covered.

Our guide will walk through which oils blend nicely with lemongrass and how to use them effectively in your daily life.

Ready to explore?

Key Takeaways

  • Lemongrass essential oil works well with Eucalyptus, Thyme, Cedarwood, Mint, Frankincense, and Valerian. These blends can uplift mood, reduce inflammation, and support digestion.
  • You can make your own DIY products like alert inhalers or fridge refresh sprays using lemongrass combined with other essential oils for natural health benefits.
  • When using essential oils like lemongrass in blends or DIY projects, always dilute them properly to avoid skin irritation and conduct a patch test to check for allergic reactions.

Understanding Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oil has a rich history and is widely used for its therapeutic benefits. It offers various advantages, including supporting digestion and reducing inflammation.

History and evolution

The story of lemongrass oil goes back centuries, with roots in countries like India and Sri Lanka. People discovered its bright, refreshing scent and started using it in teas, soups, and medicines.

Its journey didn't stop there; lemongrass began to travel the world, finding a place in various cultures for its aromatic and health benefits. This essential oil made from tall grasses has evolved into a key player in modern aromatherapy.

In aromatherapy today, this oil blends well with many others to promote wellness and relaxation. Innovators have mixed it into countless products such as soaps, lotions, and even insect repellents.

Lemongrass continues to grow in popularity as people seek natural ways to support their health and enhance their environments.

Therapeutic uses

Lemongrass essential oil has many healing properties. It works well to calm the mind and reduce stress when used in a diffuser. People often use it for its ability to lighten their mood and bring about a sense of peace.

This oil, with its unique fragrance, also helps in sleeping better at night.

For physical health, lemongrass essential oil serves as an excellent remedy for muscle pain and soreness due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. Applying it with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut onto the skin can ease discomfort effectively.

Its usage extends to boosting digestion and relieving menstrual cramps when massaged gently on the abdomen area.


Lemongrass essential oil brings a lot of good things to the table. It mixes well with many oils like Lavender, Cedarwood, Helichrysum, Jojoba, and Peppermint. This versatility makes it great for aromatherapy and skincare.

Its refreshing citrus scent can lift your mood and make your home smell clean.

Using lemongrass in soap or tea blends taps into its cleansing properties. Pairing it with sage in deodorants or rosemary, eucalyptus, and bergamot in soaps adds a fresh touch to your daily routine.

Beyond smelling good, lemongrass helps uplift spirits when mixed with Eucalyptus- making every day a bit brighter.

Safe and Natural Deodorizer

Lemongrass essential oil, known for its refreshing scent and cleansing properties, is an excellent choice for a safe and natural deodorizer. When combined with oils like sage, eucalyptus, or bergamot, it offers effective odor control in deodorants or soaps.

The citrusy aroma of lemongrass not only masks unpleasant smells but also adds a pleasant fragrance to the surroundings. Its gentle yet potent properties make it a versatile option for creating natural deodorizing products that are safe and beneficial.

The combination of Lemongrass with other essential oils such as Eucalyptus can provide a natural and mood-lifting fragrance that uplifts your spirits while effectively combating undesirable odors.

Lemongrass's compatibility with various oils makes it an ideal ingredient for those seeking natural solutions to address unwanted smells in their living spaces without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Enhancing Mood and Reducing Inflammation

Lemongrass essential oil, with its refreshing citrusy aroma, blends well with Eucalyptus and Thyme to uplift mood. It is also effective for reducing inflammation when combined with Frankincense and Valerian oils.

The combination of Lemongrass and these essential oils offers a natural way to improve mood and provide relief from inflammation, making it a valuable addition to your aromatherapy toolkit.

What Essential Oils Blend Well With Lemongrass -Vivorific Health Llc

Support for Digestion and Menstrual Cramps

Lemongrass essential oil aids digestion and eases menstrual cramps. It supports a healthy digestive system when used in aromatherapy or massage. Adding a drop of lemongrass to tea tree oil can ease menstrual discomfort.

This natural remedy is gentle yet effective, making it suitable for managing monthly cycles. Lemongrass blends well with other oils like thyme, mint, and frankincense for overall wellness.

Health and Beauty Benefits

Lemongrass essential oil supports skin and nail care, promoting overall health. It also contributes to hair health, offering natural beauty benefits.

Skin and nail care

To maintain healthy skin and nails, lemongrass essential oil can be an effective addition to your aromatherapy routine. Lemongrass essential oil offers natural cleansing properties that support clear and radiant skin.

Its antifungal and antibacterial characteristics are beneficial for addressing nail issues, promoting overall nail health.

Lemongrass essential oil is known for its ability to reduce inflammation and act as a natural deodorizer. When used in skincare products or DIY recipes, it helps in maintaining the health of your skin and nails while providing a refreshing aroma.

Hair health

After caring for your skin and nails, let's shift our focus to hair health. Lemongrass essential oil is known to promote a healthy scalp and strengthen hair follicles. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties help to keep dandruff at bay while unclogging blocked pores on the scalp.

When blended with other essential oils like cedarwood, lavender, or rosemary, lemongrass can create an invigorating concoction that nourishes the roots, adds shine, and stimulates hair growth.

The gentle scent of lemongrass also leaves your tresses smelling fresh all day long without any chemical residue.

Compatible Essential Oils to Blend with Lemongrass

Lemongrass blends well with Eucalyptus, Thyme, Cedarwood, Mint, Frankincense, and Valerian. These oils offer a wide range of benefits and can be combined to create unique scents and enhanced therapeutic properties.


Eucalyptus pairs well with lemongrass, creating a refreshing and invigorating blend. The combination of these two essential oils offers mood-lifting properties and helps uplift the spirits.

In addition to its aromatic benefits, eucalyptus is known for its respiratory support and can aid in breathing when diffused in the air. When blended together, these oils create a harmonious aroma that promotes both mental clarity and physical wellness.

The compatibility of eucalyptus with lemongrass makes it an excellent choice for diffuser blends aimed at promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Furthermore, this combination can be used to enhance focus during meditation or yoga practices.

Eucalyptus also complements the cleansing properties of lemongrass, making it suitable for use in DIY deodorants or soaps that aim to purify and refresh the environment.


Thyme, a versatile herb in both culinary and aromatherapy spheres, complements Lemongrass essential oil well due to its herbaceous nature. This synergistic blend brings a grounding, earthy quality to the citrusy aroma of Lemongrass.

Thyme is lauded for its therapeutic benefits, ranging from alleviating respiratory issues to supporting immunity. It pairs harmoniously with Lemongrass in diffuser blends and massage oils for its invigorating and clarifying properties.

Moreover, the pairing of Thyme and Lemongrass in DIY recipes like room sprays or bath salts can create a refreshing and enlivening experience.

The combination of Thyme's rich, herbal scent with the zesty freshness of Lemongrass enhances not only the aromatic profile but also augments their potential health benefits when used together.


Cedarwood, a soothing and grounding essential oil, perfectly complements the refreshing aroma of lemongrass. This woodsy scent is known for its calming properties and makes an ideal combination with lemongrass for relaxation.

Cedarwood essential oil naturally blends well with lemongrass, offering a balanced fusion that promotes tranquility and emotional stability. When diffused together, cedarwood's warm and woody fragrance harmonizes beautifully with the citrusy notes of lemongrass, creating a comforting atmosphere that enhances overall well-being.

In aromatherapy, the combination of cedarwood and lemongrass can promote feelings of harmony while providing support for relaxation during mindfulness practices or meditation sessions.


Moving on to another compatible essential oil for blending with lemongrass, let's explore the refreshing and invigorating qualities of mint. Mint essential oil holds a diverse range of benefits attributed to its ability to alleviate stress, enhance mental clarity, and aid in digestion.

When combined with lemongrass, it creates an aromatic synergy that uplifts the senses and promotes a sense of balance. The pairing of lemongrass and mint is particularly effective in diffuser blends for promoting alertness while providing relief from tension and fatigue.

Aromatherapy enthusiasts are keenly aware that the combination of lemongrass and mint can create powerful DIY recipes for various purposes, such as creating an energizing inhaler blend or a revitalizing room spray.

Furthermore, when used together in skincare preparations, these oils offer complementary properties beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. Additionally important to note is that the delightful aroma resulting from blending these two oils lends itself perfectly towards creating bespoke fragrances aimed at enhancing overall well-being.


Frankincense, a time-honored resin obtained from the Boswellia tree, pairs harmoniously with lemongrass essential oil. This ancient aromatic treasure offers natural healing and emotional support, making it an ideal companion to lemongrass in aromatherapy blends.

The woody and earthy aroma of frankincense complements the citrusy scent of lemongrass, creating a balanced and grounding effect when diffused together. Rich in historical significance and therapeutic benefits, frankincense can enhance meditation practices when mixed with lemongrass.

These notable entities make an exceptional pairing for their unique properties: Frankincense (the oleogum resin derived from Boswellia trees) complements Lemongrass Essential Oil due to its lasting legacy as a revered aromatic gift throughout history.


Valerian, a herb long esteemed for its soothing properties, has been utilized in aromatherapy for centuries. Its earthy and musky scent blends seamlessly with lemongrass, creating a calming aroma that promotes relaxation and tranquility.

Valerian essential oil is popularly employed to alleviate stress and enhance sleep quality due to its sedative effects. This makes it an ideal companion to lemongrass when seeking aromatic blends designed to enhance emotional well-being.

Aromatherapy Enthusiasts will appreciate the synergistic benefits of combining Valerian with Lemongrass in diffuser recipes aimed at creating a serene atmosphere. The harmonious blend provides an effective approach towards reducing anxiety and promoting restful sleep, offering a natural solution amidst today's fast-paced world.

What Essential Oils Blend Well With Lemongrass- Vivorific Health Llc

DIY Recipes with Lemongrass Essential Oil

Get creative with Lemongrass essential oil and make your own alert inhaler, DIY fridge refresh spray, migraine helper diffuser blend, or happy inhaler blend. Explore the endless possibilities of Lemongrass in your aromatherapy journey!

Alert inhaler

Craft your own alert inhaler by blending lemongrass oil with invigorating oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Lemongrass offers a zesty aroma that pairs well with the refreshing minty scents and the energizing properties of eucalyptus.

This blend ensures you stay refreshed and focused throughout the day, boosting your mental alertness.

Combine 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil with 3 drops each of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils in a small glass bowl. Then, add this blend to an inhaler tube to carry it wherever you go.

DIY fridge refresh spray

In just minutes, you can create a refreshing and natural fridge spray using lemongrass essential oil. Combine 10-15 drops of lemongrass essential oil with one cup of water in a spray bottle.

Shake well before lightly misting it inside your refrigerator to combat unpleasant odors and keep it smelling fresh. Lemongrass has antimicrobial properties that help eliminate bacteria, making it perfect for this purpose.

This simple yet effective solution brings the energizing and uplifting aroma of lemongrass to your kitchen while neutralizing any lingering smells.

Lemongrass essential oil has been proven as an effective deodorizer due to its antimicrobial properties

Migraine helper diffuser blend

Transitioning from DIY fridge refresh spray to migraine helper diffuser blend, we move from refreshing scents to therapeutic aromas. When it comes to combating migraines, an essential oil blend can offer relief and comfort.

Blending lemongrass with peppermint and lavender creates a migraine helper diffuser blend that aids in alleviating headache symptoms. Lemongrass's anti-inflammatory properties, combined with the soothing effects of lavender and the cooling sensation of peppermint, tailor this concoction towards easing tension and migraines.

A few drops of this bespoke mix in your diffuser can unveil the secrets of natural relief.

One may try out this diffusion recipe for headaches: 2 drops lemongrass oil, 3 drops peppermint oil, and 2 drops lavender oil. Diffuse these oils when experiencing a headache or as a preventive measure during stressful times.

This tailored combination has been meticulously designed to enhance relaxation through its calming aroma while underpinning its pain-relieving benefits. The complexity lies in how these oils work together; not only do they create an inviting fragrance but also provide effective support against migraines.

Happy inhaler blend

Create a happy inhaler blend using Lemongrass essential oil, which is known for its uplifting and refreshing scent. Combine it with Peppermint and Bergamot essential oils to create an energizing, mood-boosting aroma.

The stimulating properties of Lemongrass combined with the calming effects of Bergamot and the invigorating scent of Peppermint make this blend perfect for enhancing focus and lifting spirits throughout the day.

Craft your own happy inhaler by adding 3 drops each of Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Bergamot essential oils onto a cotton pad or diffuser insert. Inhale deeply when needed to experience an instant burst of positivity and mental clarity.

This blend can also be used in a personal inhaler or diffuser to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits any time you need an emotional lift or mental refreshment.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil has several health benefits including: supporting the immune system, alleviating stress and reducing insomnia.

Vivorific’s peppermint essential oil is: 100% Pure and natural, free from fillers, additives and harmful chemicals, vegan and kosher certified and sealed with tamper evident closure and Euro style dropper cap. 

General Essential Oil Precautions

When using essential oils, it's crucial to dilute them properly with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation or allergic reactions. Always perform a patch test before applying any new essential oil to your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Keep essential oils out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion or spills. Pregnant women should consult with a healthcare professional before using essential oils due to potential effects on pregnancy.

It's important to store essential oils in dark glass bottles away from direct sunlight and heat to maintain their potency.

Remember the following precautions: Dilute with carrier oil for safe application, conduct patch tests for skin sensitivity, keep out of reach of children and pets, seek advice during pregnancy, and store properly in dark glass containers away from light and heat.

Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe For Dogsvivorific Health


Lemongrass essential oil is versatile and pairs well with various oils—cedarwood, mint, eucalyptus, and more. These blends offer practical ways to uplift mood and promote well-being.

Furthermore, combining lemongrass with other essential oils can enhance its benefits for digestion, skin care, and stress relief. By incorporating these blends into your aromatherapy routine, you'll unlock a world of soothing fragrances and health-boosting properties.

Take the leap into exploring these essential oil combinations for a refreshing and invigorating experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What essential oils blend well with lemongrass?

A: Lemongrass essential oil blends well with citrus oils such as lemon, as well as with other essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

Q: How can I use lemongrass essential oil blends?

A: You can use lemongrass essential oil blends in a diffuser to create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere, or dilute it with a carrier oil for topical application.

Q: What are the benefits of lemongrass essential oil?

A: Lemongrass essential oil is known for its soothing properties, stress relief benefits, and ability to promote relaxation and mental clarity.

Q: Which popular essential oils can be blended with lemongrass?

A: Popular essential oils that blend well with lemongrass include lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and citrus oils like lemon.

Q: How do I diffuse essential oils with lemongrass?

A: You can diffuse lemongrass essential oil alone or blend it with other essential oils in a diffuser to enjoy its refreshing and uplifting aroma.

Q: What is the best way to use lemongrass essential oil in a diffuser?

A: To use lemongrass essential oil in a diffuser, simply add a few drops to water and allow the diffuser to disperse the aroma throughout the room.

Q: Can I mix lemongrass essential oil with a carrier oil?

A: Yes, you can mix lemongrass essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil before applying it to the skin for a soothing massage.


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