What Everyone Ought to Know About Essential Oils For Cold Feet

What Everyone Ought To Know About Essential Oils For Cold Feet-Vivorific Health

Essential oils have many health benefits ranging from treating symptoms, improving organ function, promoting healthy body function, and relief of pain or discomfort.

With essential oils becoming increasingly popular it is important to know how to properly use essential oils, understand the added benefits that come with the use of these oils, and if you would benefit from adding these oils to your healthy habits.

Essential oils have many methods of use including topical use, inhalation, diffusion, and topical application to flex points.

When treating cold feet it is best to choose a topical route for relieving symptoms. The best essential oils to use include Lemon, Eucalyptus, Clove Bud, Ginger, Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, and Palmarosa.

The causes of cold feet range in different health conditions, but using essential oils such as these will help increase and improve the blood circulation in your body to help you relieve the discomfort and symptoms you may be experiencing. The added health benefits of essential oils will help you to improve your health with proper and continual use.

Symptoms of Cold Feet

Symptoms that come along with cold feet include:

  • Weakness and pain in hands and feet
  • Sensitivity to the cold
  • Color changes in skin
  • Feeling of numbness

Common Causes of Cold Feet

Cold feet can be caused by many reasons, but among the most common causes are your body’s reaction to temperature, diseases such as diabetes, anemia, peripheral artery disease, or even hypothyroidism.


A normal response to cold weather is a common cause for cold feet. During lower temperatures, your body is supposed to react to the temperature. You may experience cold hands and feet and shivering.

These are a normal response because your body is trying to maintain warmth and circulation to keep your organs going. So, your hands and feet may not get as much circulation or warmth since they are a part of your extremities.

Complications of Diabetes

People with diabetes may experience several symptoms concerning their feet. Having chronic cold feet is a common symptom related to diabetes.

If you are a diabetic, you’re at risk for peripheral neuropathy. This happens when the diabetes damages nerves in your feet. Your feet may feel normal when touched, but they will feel cold.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Another condition that affects blood circulation and causes cold feet is peripheral artery disease. This condition decreases or blocks the blood flow in your legs and feet. The poor circulation will cause your feet to be cold.


When a person has anemia, their blood cells don’t have enough oxygenated red blood cells. This causes your hands and feet to be cold.

Anemia could also be a symptoms of other diseases, but anemia alone causes cold feet due to the lack of oxygenated cells in the body.


The thyroid is an organ in your neck that makes hormones for a lot of organs. The hormones that the thyroid makes allow the body to get energy from food and oxygen.

When the thyroid is under active the hormones needed to regulate the body and its organs are diminished and cause different complications in the body. This will cause you entire body to be cold, including your feet.

How Are Cold Feet Treated?

  • Using Essential Oils
  • Using socks
  • Lowering stress
  • Lowering cholesterol and keeping a healthy diet to improve circulation and heart health in the body
  • Take Iron, Vitamin B12, and folate to help improve circulation in the body
7 Best Essential Oils For Cold Feet - Vivorific Health Llc

The Best Essential Oils for Cold Feet

Some of the best essential oils for cold feet are Lemon, Eucalyptus, Clove Bud, Ginger, Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, and Palmarosa to help with the circulation in your feet and other added health benefits.

Lemon Essential Oil

Among the many benefits of lemon essential oil are immune system support, treatment of asthma, stress relief, hair strengthening, insomnia reduction, treatment of fever, malaria, and typhoid.

This essential oil works for many things including cold feet. By providing stress relief, and immune system support you will find a healthier life with this essential oil. It will prevent cold feet by building your immune system against diseases, and stress relief will aid in your wellness altogether.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the best essential oils to have on hand because of its many health benefits.

The oil treats nasal congestion, bronchitis, relaxes muscles, increases blood circulation, alleviated influenza symptoms, strengthens the immune system, and stimulates mental activity. 

This essential oil has many beneficial qualities that will help you and increase your ability to have a healthy life.  Since it aids in increasing circulation, your cold feet symptoms will be relieved.

By increasing circulation in your body, your feet will not feel the symptoms that come with peripheral neuropathy, nor peripheral artery disease. The increase in circulation will eliminate any cold feet symptoms.

In addition, since this essential oil relaxes muscles you will feel your body more relaxed and the temperature of your body will not allow for cold feet.

Clove Bud Essential Oil

Clove Bud essential oil has many health benefits including immune system support, treatments of cough and cholera, stress relief, stimulant of blood circulation, and useful for helping wounds and cuts in their healing process.

By using the Clove Bud Essential Oil you will find that the benefits of this essential oil will improve your health and your life. This essential oil is good for the treatment of cold feet because it improves blood circulation in the body.

Continual use of this essential oil will help keep your circulatory system working, and will help decrease any cold feet symptoms. Clove bud is one of the best essential oils to use in combination with other oils such as lemon, orange, rosemary or peppermint.

Ginger Essential Oil

The health benefits that come with using the Ginger Essential Oil are heart health, anxiety relief, relief from mental stress and depression, treatment of nausea, and treatment of inflammation or muscle pain.

This essential oil and its health benefits will improve your heart health and help you relieve many symptoms of mental illness. Ginger Essential Oil is an excellent choice for relieving symptoms of cold feet because continual use of this essential oil will improve your heart health and alleviate any aches or pains.

Your circulation will improve, and your cold feet symptoms will diminish with continual use of this essential oil. Along with using this essential oil for its many health benefits, it is best to blend with other essential oils as well.

The best combinations are with other spices such as Black Pepper, Bergamont, Sandalwood, and Spearmint.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil offers many health benefits. The use of this essential oil is best for those who have headaches, respiratory symptoms, bad breath, muscle pain, conditions of the circulatory system, and muscle pain.

The many health benefits of this essential oil are important to continually have a healthy body and life. In the case of cold feet, the use of this essential oil will improve the blood circulation in your body, relieve any pain, and increase your body’s immunity.

Altogether, this essential oil helps keep your body healthy and its continual use will keep your feet from feeling the symptoms that come along with having cold feet.

Like other essential oil, Peppermint works really well in combination with other essential oils. Some of the best blends and combinations with Peppermint include Eucalyptus, Lemon, Thyme, Spearmint, Cedarwood, and Basil.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Using Tea Tree Essential Oil will help boost your immune system, treat a common cough or cold, improve blood circulation, stimulate hormone secretion, promote nutrient absorption from food, and it will fight against fungal or bacterial infections that may come into your body.

When treating the symptoms of cold feet, the Tea Tree Essential Oil will help promote blood circulation, hormone secretion, and boost your immune support. Your cold feet symptoms will be alleviated with continual use of Tea Tree Essential Oil because you circulation will improve and will help keep your feet warmer.

Also, if you suffer from thyroid conditions such as hypothyroidism, the hormone imbalance your body experiences will benefit from this essential oil because it promotes hormone secretion. Helping your body as a whole will improve all your symptoms including those of cold feet.

Palmarosa Essential Oil

The Palmarosa essential oil has a lot of good health benefits to aid in many areas of your life. This essential oil helps to alleviate anxiety, depression, fatigue, and fevers.

This type of oil also prevents bacterial infections, aids in digestion, treats sores, cracks of the skin, treats athlete’s foot, maintains the moisture balance in the body, and is rich in anti-aging properties.

This essential oil is good for cold feet because of its health benefits for treating athlete’s foot, sores, cracks of the skin, and also anxiety and depression. All of these will aid in keeping your feet and body healthy.

These qualities of this essential oil will also aid in regulating your body temperature by maintaining moisture and helping your body keep a normal temperature.

How to Treat Cold Feet With Essential Oils

Regardless of underlying diseases or conditions, the main reason why some people have cold hands and feet is because their body is not regulating warmth, oxygen, and nutrients in their blood.

Essential oils are naturally produced from the plants which they are derived from. There are several essential oils that can be used to treat cold feet such as Lemon, Eucalyptus, Clove Bud, Ginger, Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, and Palmarosa.

These essential oils will help with the circulation of blood in your body, promote stress relief, and other health benefits to treat your symptoms.

There are several ways in which essential oils can be used, some of them being topical use, inhalation, diffusion, and applied to flex points.

Depending on how they are purchased, you can use them several ways to treat your symptoms or just gain the health benefits from using essential oils.

When using a diffuser, apply two drops of the blend that you would like to use such as Eucalyptus.

You can also combine several blends that combine or pair together for added health benefits. The liquid is diffused in the diffuser and it is released into the air. This will keep you inhaling the essential oil infused air by way of aromatherapy.

Essential oils can also be used topically, this would be the best suggestion for cold feet because you will feel the difference and health benefits more quickly when using essential oils.

When applying topically, make sure the area of skin is clean and free of any lotions, fragrances, or any other topical agents to refrain from getting in the way of the essential oil.

Applying Essential Oils

Apply a small amount and lather all over both feet, and calves if needed. If you are using a roll-on, you can simply using the roller ball to massage and lather into the skin.

When using essential oils to treat cold feet, you can also use a warm towel, or socks on your feet to help the oil work faster after applying it.

You can combine the oils, and use them daily for added health benefits, and to allow your body to get accustomed to natural methods of treatment.

It is important to note that if you have never used essential oils or if you have known skin conditions you will need to try a small amount to a small area of your skin before committing to using essential oils all over you body.

You can apply a small amount to your outer hand are or the skin on around your knee to make sure you don’t have any allergies or skin sensitivities when applying natural oils such as essential oils. Since these essential oils are derived directly from plants and are natural, you should not typically have any reactions but it is best to make sure you can use the essential oils before applying to a large area on your body.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe

Blending essential oils is a great way to get an all-in-one oil with added health benefits. Ways to use blend include warming salves, massage blends, and even a warm bath.

A simple essential oil blend recipe to use for cold feet includes shea butter, virgin coconut oil, ginger, clove, and black pepper.

You will need one ounce of coconut oil, shea butter, two drops of Ginger essential oil, two drops of Clove essential oil, and five drops of black pepper.

This blend works really well as a massaging and warming salve. After belting the needed ingredients together.

Use your hand to rub the salve on to the areas that are needed. Use this on your feet to alleviate the symptoms of cold feet, and to improve your overall health.

The combined oils will help warm your feet, and the salve will make for a great moisturizer as well. You can use warm socks as well to help keep warm, and to fully get the added benefits of this blend into your skin and circulatory system.


Are essential oils safe?

Essential oils are safe to use when they are used properly. The added health benefits of the plant extracts are healthy to use when the essential oil is prepared and created to use safely.

Where do essential oils come from?

Essential oils are made with paint extracts from the derived plants with which they are named such as Ginger, Eucalyptus, Clove, and Tea Tree.

How often should I use the essential oils?

When utilizing a diffuser each day it is best to diffuse intermittently, meaning not more than 30 to 60 minutes at a time then turn off the diffuser for 30 to 60 minutes.

If you are using essential oils topically, or as a roll on then refrain from using a small amount to the affected area no more than 3-4 times per day. Essential oils are powerful so start slowly with a small amount and then you can build up if needed.

Can children use essential oils?

Many essential oils are safe for children to use but they should always be diluted beforehand. It is best to look at the proper use of the essential oil in the label, and avoid any improper use or application.

Can I use essential oils if I have health issues or a medical condition?

Essential oils have added health benefits for many health conditions and illnesses but it is best to consult with your healthcare provider before starting the use of essential oils.

What can I do if I experience a sensitivity or skin reaction after using essential oils?

If you experience any skin reactions or discomfort from using essential oils, stop the use of the oils.

Use a patch test before using essential oils by applying a small amount to a small area of the skin. This will help avoid skin reactions or discomfort in a large area of skin if you do have an allergy or reaction.

Be sure to follow the instructions and recommend safety precautions of the essential oils you are using to ensure proper use and avoid any dangerous side effects. Consult with your healthcare provider if the reaction does not improve after stopping the use of essential oils.


The causes of cold feet range in different health conditions such as diabetes, anemia, hypothyroidism, and conditions of the circulatory system.

Using essential oils such as Lemon, Eucalyptus, Clove Bud, Ginger, Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, and Palmarosa will help promote blood circulation, increase hormone secretion, and improve immune support in your body.

The proper and continue use of these essential oils will improve you overall health while alleviating your cold feet symptoms. Before using essential oils it is important to do a patch test on your skin and remember to consult with you healthcare provider.

Essential oils are beneficial to your health and effective in relieving your cold feet symptoms. Vivorific Health can help you get the best essential oils to add to your shelf, according to your health needs.


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